Privacy Policy

You should always know that privacy is a really important thing for us. We have to let you that we are going to use some of your private information when you will be using our site. It is up to you if you decide to enter our site and complete all of the things here such as the offers presented here. If you feel safer, you always have the option to come to our site anonymously. We collect your info to organize a promotion or even a contest and if we are going to do that, you will be the first person to find out.

You will also receive some periodic emails regarding our newest cheats and if you are not interested in these emails, you can always cancel them, by using the link provided in the email. All of the info you will be providing us with, will be helping you a lot. You will be protected and you have to know that we are always going to offer you the best customer service we can. We will solve all of your issues that you have. We have to assure you that all of your private data is going to be safe and we will never provide it to third parties. You can simply focus on your gaming experience and you should know that the information on the site will be secured. We never use the information on our site in any malicious way and you can trust us because we are providing you with the best tools we can. From the moment you will start using our tools, we will provide you with the best experience we can.